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Stop by any grocery store bakery or convenience store around and you will find a rack of run-of-the-mill, mediocre muffins. We have all had more than a few of those. Now think about the opposite of that. Grand, flavorful, moist & delicious, and totally crammed full of all the best stuff on earth!
These are muffins, SuperMuffins™, like you've never had before. You are welcome!

***New flavors are being added all the time!***

Prices start at $26.00 for six.

Cowboy David's Bakery SuperMuffins™ fall into three catagories -
*SuperMuffin Jrs.™ and SuperMuffin Minis™ also available - call for details.
Our Classic Collection:

For those with no dietary restrictions, we've created an incomparable collection. Packed with spices, fruits, nuts, and everything you could imagine! Incredibly delightful and loved by the masses! 
Flavors include...
*Apples & Cinnamon with Walnut Crumble
*Macadamia Raspberry White Chocolate
*Orange Cranberry (No nuts)
*Double Chocolate Chip with Walnuts
*Creamy Blueberry Peach (No nuts.)
*Spiced Banana Nut with Walnut Crumble
*Cashew Ginger Carrot

*Peanut Butter Turtle (pecans)
*Cinnamon Rhubarb
(No nuts)
*Lemon Poppyseed (No nuts)
*Pineapple Zucchini (No nuts)
*Hot & Spicy Triple Chocolate (No nuts)

Our Alternatives Collection:
Where healthy is the best ever, too!

Ask around and anyone that has experienced a SuperMuffin™ from our Alternatives Collection will surely tell you these muffins are spectacular. The perfect muffin texture, packed here too with all the best fruits and nuts and seeds and spices. And did we mention that they are ALL vegan, gluten-free, and either 100% sugar-free or almost sugar-free. All natural ingredients with no sugar substitutes. Sweetened by fruit and/or local maple syrup. These treats are A.Ma.Zing!
Flavors include...

*The SmoothieMuffin™ (No nuts)
*The GranolaMuffin™ (pistachios)
*The Fruit & Nut SuperMuffin™ (cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts)

*Pear & Pomegranate (No nuts)
*Raspberry Dark Chocolate (No nuts)
*Banana Walnut Dark Chocolate
*Lemon Almond Blueberry
*Orange Cranberry (No nuts)
*Strawberry Basil (No nuts)
*Pecan Apple Carrot
*Maple Blueberry & Bacon Pancake "Breakfast" (No Nuts)

Our Savory Collection:

Yes. Savory SuperMuffins™! Perfect for those that prefer a "non-sweet" breakfast option or as a typical carb replacement for supper! Simply put, you cannot find anything like these SuperMuffins™ anywhere around. Anywhere! (The Best can be savory, too!)
***ALL Savory SuperMuffins™ are nut-free.
Flavors include...

*Rosemary Parmesan
*Spinach Feta Butternut Squash
*Jalapeño Cheddar
*Dijon Swiss & Mushroom
*Pepperoni Pizza
*Hawaiian Pizza
*Spinach Vegetable Pizza (Vegan & Gluten-Free)
*Dill Zucchini (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

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