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Cowboy David's own CakeCups™!!!
Everyone should have access to the amazing cakes and cupcakes from Cowboy David's Bakery.
The challenge is that shipping them would likely be an expensive disaster. So we put on our thinking caps and came up with the most amazing solution: CakeCups™!
Every cake flavor (upside down cakes, too!) with every glorious ingredient present, packaged in perfect Cowboy David generous serving sized cups. Freezable. Shippable. Sharable.
*Even, containers that are recyclable AND BPA-free!

***AND, remember! Every cake flavor is available Gluten-Free and there are several options Dairy-Free or Vegan so CakeCups™ are, too!!
Sold in quantities of eight & sixteen cups (single flavor) based on the number or perfect portions from one of our 9" round cakes.
Why do folks have to order so many? We are, as you know, a special order company and make these fresh for you just before shipping. We have to work within the constraints of our current batter/batch sizes.
*Shipping and some extra packaging at client's expense.
Call Cowboy Joe at 608-625-6222 for details.

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