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Meringue & Macaroon Explosion_edited_edi
The finest ingredients.
Amazing flavor profiles.
Classics, turned up a notch.


Most anyone can open a box or follow a recipe & bake a cookie or a cake. We create works of art that are some of the best tasty treats that you will ever experience. Our cookies, cakes, cupcakes, SuperMuffins™, SuperBrownies™, candied confections, and our ever expanding collection of vegan, sugar free, and gluten free options really are the best. Ever.

Our Story


It all began with a trip out west, to a classic dude ranch and a jar full of delicious chocolate chip cookies, free for the taking. When we opened The Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins
in 2003, we knew we wanted to share that same kind of personal touch, that same kind of delicious cookie joy with our guests. After combing through old family recipes, taste testing for weeks and tweaking ingredients to come up with the perfect Ranch cookie, "The Original"™ double chocolate chip with walnuts was born!

After thousands and thousands of requests from our cabin guests over the years, in the fall of 2013, an extensive renovation on The Cabin Check-In office began. Just before Christmas, Cowboy David's Special Order Bakery was open for business and the cookies, cakes, cupcakes, confections, and SuperMuffins™, and SuperBrownies™ have been flying out

the door ever since! We pour our heart and our soul into everything we create and we cannot wait to share our handcrafted goodness with all of you! 

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