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Prices start at $36.00.

Cowboy David's cake adventure began with an old family favorite, made for holidays over the years, here at The Ranch. With the decision made to "start selling cookies," adding a few cakes was a no-brainer. Now, with a massive following, you just have to add one of these gems to your next gathering...

NOW four standard sizes available! (All have two layers)
Six inch round, nine inch round, quarter sheet cake,
and half sheet cake.

The Classics Collection


Cashew Ginger Carrot Cake

Classic carrot cake with a kick of ginger & tons of cashews, pineapple, coconut, and raisins. Topped & filled with our signature cream cheesy buttercream frosting. Garnished with honey & maple syrup candied cashews. AWESOME!


Classic Southern Italian Cream Cake

Our Southern Italian Cream Cake – An irresistible, silky smooth spiced coconut cake LOADED with pecans & topped off with our own rum extract cream cheesy buttercream frosting. Not your grandma's cake, anymore!



Bourbon Red Velvet Cake
Turn any corner & there is another red velvet cake. But there is nothing like this one!!!
Like all of our chocolate cakes it is rich and moist & full of flavor. And then we add the kicker! An organic extract with the warmth & depth of flavor of a good  quality Bourbon. But kid friendly! (No nuts.)
Available fully liquored up, as well. Yummo!


Dark Chocolate Mint Cake

An incredibly luxurious chocolate cake made with high-end dark chocolate.
ed with espresso and the perfect amount of mint. (No nuts.)
Frosted with our signature cream cheesy buttercream and garnished with intricate piping and a sprinkle of dark cocoa powder.

Madagascar Vanilla "White"  Cake

No, Cowboy David's Bakery doesn't have a "basic white cake." What we do have is the most incredible light & bright Madagascar vanilla bean infused cake with the most luxurious signature Cowboy David vanilla & citrus buttercream frosting. (No Nuts.)
Nothing basic here!


White Vanilla Cake

Triple Chocolate Cake
A chocolate lovers dream. Another extravagantly rich, deep dark chocolate sponge generously covered and filled with a new Cowboy David's signature chocolate buttercream, infused with a dash of vanilla and coffee for depth of flavor. We then coat it with a dark chocolate ganache.  SWOON!!!


Triple Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Orange Hazelnut  Cake

Simple, yet so Cowboy David complex! A rich, moist espresso & orange enhanced chocolate sponge with the perfect hint of hazelnut extract. Layered with another signature buttercream that we add the perfect blend of citrus, vanilla, and rum.
Garnished with roasted hazelnuts.


Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cake

An incredibly luxurious chocolate cake made with high-end dark chocolate.
Enhanced with espresso and the perfect amount of mint. (No nuts.)
Frosted with our signature cream cheesy buttercream and garnished with intricate piping and a sprinkle of crushed peppermint candies! (seasonal)

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

The Premium Collection


Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Cake

A light, lemon poppy seed cake with an undertone of ginger & vanilla. And to take it up a notch, no boring lemon frosting here! Our version has silky smooth tart lemon curd. Covered & filled with a lemony cream cheese frosting & garnished with candied lemon zest. (No nuts.)



Raspberry Italian Cream
with White Chocolate Cake

Our classic Southern spiced coconut & pecan cake layered with a raspberry & citrus filling.
Topped with a rum extract & citrus cream cheese buttercream frosting.
Dripping with high-end white chocolate.
Garnished with white chocolate filigrees or fresh raspberries when in season .
Sweet heaven on earth!


Strawberry Italian Cream Cake

Our spiced coconut & pecan cake with a layer of our signature buttercream & fresh organic strawberries or strawberry curd.
Then topped with a rum extract & citrus buttercream / cream cheese frosting.
Garnished with fresh white chocolate dipped organic strawberries &
white chocolate drip.



Mango Italian Cream Cake

Our classic Southern spiced coconut & pecan cake, this time, layered with a house-made mango custard.
Topped with a signature Cowboy David's rum, coconut, & citrus buttercream frosting.
Then garnished with toasted coconut flakes and roasted, candied, & spiced mango chunks.
Practically a tropical vacation!

Mango Italian Cream


White Chocolate Key Lime with Raspberry Lime Curd Cake

A bright & refreshing key lime cake.
And to take it up a notch, we’ve added a silky smooth, raspberry lime curd on top.
Then it’s covered in a lime curd infused signature frosting & garnished with candied lime zest & delightful white chocolate work.
(No nuts.)

New Raspberry Key Lime with White Chocol


Vanilla Lemon & Lavender Cake

Oh. My. Lordy. Lord.
Yes. There is no stopping us. This light, fresh lemony cake is infused with organic lavender flower buds & an undertone of vanilla.
Though it may sound like the best French bath soap, the perfect harmony of the three makes this cake absolutely sublime. We've even taken it further with silky lemon curd and our very own Lavender Almond Brittle crumb. Don't miss this glorious creation!

Lavender 9 inch enhanced_edited.jpg


Spiced Apple Cinnamon Chai
with Maple Custard Cake

This is the new millennium and an old fashioned crisp, fall afternoon all wrapped up into one of Cowboy David's newest tasty treats!
We start here with a perfect spiced apple cake, cover it in a cinnamon chai frosting and top it all off with a gorgeous maple custard.
Autumnal perfection.
(No nuts.)



Lemon Cardamom Blueberry Swirl

A foodie's dream! A light as air lemon cake with the most amazing cardamom spice accent. We then swirl in our very own house-made rosemary & basil infused blueberry jam. Filled with a honey & heavy cream buttercream. Frosted in a semi-naked style with a whipped lemon buttercream. And finally, we top it all off with a blueberry jam buttercream drip and toasted almonds.
The best ever just keeps on getting better and better and better! (No nuts.)

new lemon blueberry cut2.jpg


Spiced Blackberry Pistachio Cake

Another over-the-top creation!
Here we start by adding a unique mix of spices (cardamom, ginger, mace) to our robust coconut & pistachio cake. The cake is filled with a blackberry honey mascarpone filling, covered in another Cowboy David signature coconut & orange buttercream, and topped with a luxurious ginger & cardamom blackberry curd. Garnished with crushed pistachios and toasted coconut.
This one is spectacular!!!

Blackberry Pistachio cake


Strawberry Basil Cake with Balsamic Caramel Sauce

A cake made in foodie heaven!!! A bright, fresh strawberry cake sponge infused with organic basil leaves. Quite the unique & wonderful flavor combination! Covered in a semi-naked style with another one of our amazing signature buttercreams. Filled with a strawberry curd filling and topped with a strawberry coulis. Then, to take it right over the top we drizzle it with a house-made vanilla, honey, & aged balsamic caramel sauce.  (No nuts.) This one is not to be believed! Woo hoooo!

Strawberry Basil cake


Spiced Pecan Pumpkin with
Caramel Custard Cake
A rich & flavorful, moist & delicious creation! Hints of cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg spice up this pumpkin cake with the added bonus of roasted and candied pecan throughout! A silky smooth caramel ginger custard filling are an added surprise taste treat as you dig in to each slice.
Covered in our own rich cinnamon cream cheese buttercream frosting and garnished with our signature candied pecans.


Deconstructed Raspberry Velvet White Chocolate Cake

Based on one of our best selling cookie flavor profiles - we've pulled it all apart and put it back together in the most amazing way!
Chocolate and vanilla marbled sponge cake with an amazing raspberry buttercream. Accented with white chocolate & raspberry coulis inside and out.
Then if that were not enough we've added incredible milk crumb & shaved cookie bits.
An instant favorite! (No nuts.)

Deconstructed Raspberry Velvet


Elderflower Passionfruit
and Mango Curd Cake

What does Summer in the tropics taste like? Our newest, and award winning, cake creation, for sure!
We begin with a thyme & rosemary infused elderflower sponge and fill it with the most luxurious, house-made, roasted mango curd. Then we add a burst of sunshine with another signature passionfruit citrus buttercream.
Light and airy but with a great punch!

(No nuts.)

Elderflower Passionfruit & Mango


Sparkling Cranberry
White Chocolate Cake

This Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cake is no doubt a new favorite – especially for the Winter Holidays! The cake is incredibly moist and flavorful and the cranberries add an incredible burst of fruity flavor. Perfectly spiced. And the cranberries are "frosted" in simple syrup & sugar before baking. Delightful! Finished with another one of our signature cream cheesy buttercream frostings. Garnished in high-end white chocolate and more sparkling cranberries.
(No nuts.) *Seasonal.


Black Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake with Candied Bacon

Not to be believed!!! The darkest of dark chocolate sponges. House made gooey salted caramel. Another of our signature chocolate buttercreams infused with a splash of almond, rum, vanilla, and citrus. Covered in a chocolate ganache, OR UPGRADE to a jet black chocolate mirror glaze, as shown here, if you prefer.) Finished with imported salted caramel crumble and candied bacon. Yes! House-made CANDIED BACON. We even gave the bacon a grind of cracked black pepper, and a dash of sage & rosemary!
Amazing to behold and tastes like heaven!

Dark chocolate salted caramel sliced


Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

A rich & decadent dark chocolate sponge with a zingy fresh strawberry & curd enhanced filling. Another signature Cowboy David buttercream is accented with vanilla, rum, more strawberry, & citrus. A deep chocolate ganache covers the cake & cascades down the sides. Garnished with hand-made triple chocolate covered organic strawberries.
Oh so indulgent!!! (No nuts.) *Seasonal.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberry


Black Chocolate Cookies & Cream

A Midwestern favorite, done up Cowboy David's Bakery style! Everyone loves those little black & white sandwich cookies. Here, we've taken that famous flavor profile and featured it in cake form. A glorious, black chocolate sponge with the most decadent vanilla, rum extract, and almond infused buttercream frosting. Then we added a black chocolate ganache & a healthy sprinkle of cookies & cream candy bar bits. So great!

Cookies and cream


Signature Brandied Orange German Chocolate Cake

An American classic with the perfect amount of "Cowboy David" awesomeness added!
Rich milk chocolatiness with a hint of Korbel brandy & orange or to stay child friendly,  with alcohol-free brandied orange extract.
Topped and filled with the sweet and tangy coconut & pecan we all expect from a German chocolate cake. Wunderbar!


Banana Upside-Down Boston Cream "Pie" Cake

A rich and flavorful yellow cake with decadent caramelized bananas topping each layer. We fill this one-of-a-kind masterpiece with our very own pastry cream, ever so lovingly enhances with a little coconut and rum extracts. We then frost it in a semi-naked fashion with another one of our signature caramel & vanilla buttercreams. We then top it all off with a luxurious dark chocolate glaze and a sprinkle of toasted coconut. (No nuts.)

Banana Upside Down Boston Cream Pie Cake


Peanut Butter Turtle Cake

Yup. We just said that. Peanut Butter Turtle.
Peanut. Butter. Turtle. We took one of our best selling cookies and turned it into this glorious cake creation.
A rich peanut buttery cake packed with an abundance of pecan pieces & chocolate chips. Covered in the perfect combination of our signature frosting and pecans and rich chocolate.
Peanut Butter Turtle heaven.

Peanut Butter Turtle cake


Cinnamon Struesel Swirl Cake

This cake shows just how cool we are! A wedding couple asked us to create a cake that would make them think of cinnamon buns - their favorite sweet treat. On just one attempt - BOOM! The Cinnamon Struesel Swirl cake is born!
We start with a perfect vanilla sponge with swirls and swirls of cinnamon crumble throughout. We’ve then added a filling of cinnamon infused caramel and our own cream cheese frosting, just like a fancy cinnamon bun! We’re even featuring this cake with a semi-naked finish, with extra cream cheese glaze and cinnamon caramel swirled on top to make it the best ”cake” version of a cinnamon bun you will ever have!
You are going to love this cake!!!

(No nuts.)

Cinnamon Steusel Swirl_edited.jpg


Chocolate Raspberry with
Raspberry Curd Cake

A ridiculously delicious, dense chocolate cake made with high-end dark chocolate.
Filled with fresh raspberries & smooth raspberry curd or a fresh raspberry frosting.
Frosted with a raspberry infused dark chocolate buttercream and garnished with chocolate lace-work, drip, & filigrees.

(No nuts.)


Chocolate Caramel Toffee Cake
A stunningly decadent, coffee-infused, rich chocolate cake highlighted with toffee bits, filled with a rum, caramel & toffee cream cheese filling. Then we've frosted it with a rum accented cream cheese buttercream frosting and covered it in a grand milk chocolate drizzle.


Dark Chocolate Cranberry Pumpkin

Fall. Turned up a notch and then on its ear!
Here, we've created an amazing spiced pumpkin cake and enhanced it with crushed pecan and tart whole cranberries. It's topped and filled with a house-made cranberry curd and covered in another one of our signature buttercreams. This time, accented with dark chocolate & orange. We then finish it off with  a dark chocolate drip & roasted pecan. Yum!

Choc Cran Pumpkin_edited.jpg


Chocolate Graham Cracker Marshmallow S'mores

Most all of us have had the experience as a child: Sitting around an evening campfire & toasting S'mores treats! We've taken that memory & gave it the Cowboy David treatment. A decadent chocolate sponge is filled with our own, house-made toasted marshmallow filling, topped with a rich chocolate ganache, our own, house-made graham cracker crumble, and toasted organic mini marshmallows. Start the campfire, we're bringing dessert!  (No nuts.)



Signature Cannoli Cake

Here we go again! Another incredible cake version of a classic Italian dessert. Our Signature Cannoli Cake is a winner!!!
We start with an Amaretto soaked almond sponge cake, fill our creation with a mini chocolate chip accented ricotta & mascarpone filling, and top it all off with an orange, cinnamon, & rum buttercream.
To finish off this gem we offer three different garnish options: crumbled pistachios slivered almonds, or more mini chocolate chips. (No nuts, depending on garnish.) Gustoso!

Signature Cannoli Cake


Signature Margarita Cake

Another marriage of cocktail and cake awesomeness!!! Our Signature Margarita cake takes our very own lime infused cake and we lavish it with a soak of Tequila and Grand Marnier! As a extra surprise inside you will find a zesty lime curd and our salty vanilla crumb. We frost this cake with a liquor infused lime buttercream. As a final garnish we add another sprinkle of crumb and a sprinkle of candied lime zest.

(No nuts.) Emocionante y sabroso!

Signature Margarita Cake


Signature Brandy Old Fashioned Cake

What says American nostalgia more than a vintage Brandy Old Fashioned!!!  We've taken this iconic flavor profile and turned it into the perfect dessert! Yes, we finish off this work of tasty art with maraschino cherries and orange slices, just like the cocktail. But look even further! You will find brandy & bitters soaked into the orange sponge AND the orange buttercream. We've also filled it with a creamy orange curd enhanced with muddled local cherries. (No nuts.)  Americana at its best. A joyful romp!

Signature Brandy Alexander Cake


Signature Bourbon Eggnog Cake

Another holiday taste treat extravaganza!!! Here we've started with a rich spiced eggnog cake sponge and given it a glorious soak of high-end bourbon during construction. We've created another amazing Cowboy David buttercream frosting infused with that creamy eggnog and a kick of ginger. We've topped and filled the cake with a house-made maple bourbon custard and garnished it with a sprinkle of milk crumb and crushed pecans. Cheers!!!

Spiced Bourbon Eggnog Cake


Signature Tiramisu Cake

The first in our globally inspired International Cakes Collection:
Our Signature Tiramisu Cake!
Here you will find everything you love about Tiramisu interpreted in glorious cake form!
We've started with gorgeous coffee sponge and laced it with a generous brandy soak. We've covered it with a zingy mascarpone frosting and hidden a glorious Italian sabayon between the cake layers.

We've finished off this masterpiece with a perfect cocoa dusting. (no nuts.) Delizioso!

Signature Tiramisu Cake


Signature Mexican Chocolate Cake

This is chocolate cake taken to a whole new level! A rich, dense, moist, and delicious chocolate sponge, spiced with cinnamon & chipotle, and given a generous rum soak. We kick up our signature chocolate cream cheese buttercream with more cinnamon, vanilla, rum, & Mexican spices. We've even added our own special twist - milk crumb as garnish!
(No nuts.) Fuera de este mundo!

Spicy Chipotle Mexican Chocolate Cake


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

We've been told, this is one of the best upside down cakes ever. Ever. Some have even said its one of our best cakes ever!
We've added the perfect amount of "Cowboy Davidness" to a classic upside down cake and we even frost it and garnish it with candied pecans!
This cake creation is not offered in a six inch option but is available as a single or double layer nine inch round. And, of course, as a quarter & as a half sheet cake.

*Caramelized Banana
*Brandied Almond Pear
*Seasonal Spiced Fig

The Alternatives Collection:
Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Vegan Cakes
***Currently adding many new flavor options! Check back often!!!

Never a "less than version," our Alternatives Collection cakes are just as incredible as their originals!
*Gluten-free options are made with our own proprietary blend of flour - garbanzo bean flour, tapioca flour, fava bean flour, potato starch, white sourgum, & a little xanthan gum for good measure make this flour a great alternative to classic wheat flour.

*Dairy-free options have the butter replaced with Earth Balance vegan butter and the milk or buttermilk with Almond Milk!
*Vegan options are made like our dairy-free options but here the eggs are replaced with a flax seed meal egg & arrowroot starch combination. 
You will not be disappointed with these tasty treats! Where applicable, some garnishes may change. Chocolate "drip or drizzle" can no longer be applied but may be switched out with a ganache. Curds & custards are also likely to be omitted or tweaked, particularly if you are looking for the dairy-free or vegan options. Call for details.

***We are now offering most all cakes GLUTEN FREE. See Shopping Page for details...
***Currently, we can offer most any and all cakes DAIRY FREE with some small substitutions or alterations.

***Currently, we also offer these cakes vegan, dairy free, & gluten free. (Or any combination thereof.) And, again, call to discuss these options.
*Cashew Ginger Carrot
*Dark Chocolate Mint
*Dark Chocolate Peppermint (seasonal)
*Tennessee Bourbon Red Velvet
*Triple Chocolate
Chocolate Orange Hazelnut
*Chocolate Raspberry
*Black Chocolate "Cookies & Cream"
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