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We will never tire of cupcakes and neither should you! Especially when they are from Cowboy David's Bakery with all their grand and glorious tastiness! However, there may be times where a slightly more "refined" dessert offering is in order. Introducing Cowboy David's Mini Cakes & EventCups™! All the awesomeness of our larger cake profiles in a perfect serving for one or two. Particularly "perfect" for weddings and large gatherings.

Cowboy David's Bakery Event Mini Cakes -
*Perfect for weddings & catered events
*Available in quantities of 24 per flavor
*ALL of our amazing cake flavors EXCEPT the Upside Downs
*Available with classic or our proprietary GF flour blend
*Available "finished" in an three design styles:

#1.) "Naked" (no frosting on the sides,)
#2.) Semi-Naked (minimally frosted sides with sponge "peaking" through)
#3.) Ganache or glaze coated

*Approximately 2¾ inches across with four lovely layers of sponge.
***The perfect serving size for couples or for overly generous portions.

MiniCake Jrs™:
*Just under 2 ½ inches across with three layers of sponge.

Cowboy David's Bakery EventCups™ -
* Also perfect for weddings & catered events
*Also available in quantities of 24 per flavor
*And again, all of our amazing cake flavors EXCEPT the Upside Downs
*Available with classic or our proprietary GF flour blend
***Note: if it's in or on our cake, it will be present here! Curds, custards, coulis, etc. and, of course, all the garnishes!
THREE serving size categories to choose from:

The Mini Truncated Tube
*2 ¼ inch in diameter and about three inches tall
*A delightful, small serving dessert option
*Best when paired with mini forks!

The Twisted & Angled Cube           The Oval Wave

The Perfect Cube                             The Etched Square Cup

*These four options all average right around four ounces of delicious Cowboy David's cake awesomeness!

The Grand Truncated Tube
*This final option is grand and glorious in its serving size. Over six ounces and filled with all the Cowboy David's cake wonderfulness you've come to expect after all these years!

***ALL MiniCakes and EventCakes™ are available for Pick-up or Deliver. Not available for shipping. Talk to Cowboy Joe regarding your preferences and we'll work out all the details!
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