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Prices start at $18.00 a pair.

There really isn't anything we make that isn't, well, Super! Here we are now introducing one of our newest catagories: The SuperBrownies™! An incredible collection of grand & glorious chewy chocolaty greatness.
Four solid inches across and about a mile high! ;) (Not really a mile high, but these babies are massive!!!)
*SuperBrownie Minis™ also available - call for details.

The SuperBrownies™

Current flavors include:
*Chocolate Salted Caramel (No nuts)
*The Chocolate Coma II (No nuts)
*The Cherry Bomb II (No nuts)
*Rocky Road (Almonds)
*The Butterscotch Chocolate SuperBlondie™ (Almonds)
*The Original III Double Chocolate Chip SuperBlondie™ with Walnuts

***Now, all of our amazing SuperBrownies™ & SuperBlondies are available Gluten Free!

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